Maggie’s Thought for the Month: Say What You Do

As the world changes and new inventions come along to make our lives easier, one thing will always remain unchanged- the desire for people to say what they do. Honesty…is this too much to ask?

Maggie was a faithful buddy, and obedient most of the time. On occasion, she would get into a little mischief. The temptation to chase the lawn mower, or chew on my sneakers, was hard to resist. However, whenever Maggie was confronted, her head would bow down and she knew she had done something wrong. She didn’t run away, or try to give licks & kisses, she was honest with her actions.

It is human nature to make mistakes. The best way to learn from a mistake is to admit the mistake. This process requires honesty, and honesty seems to be in short supply these days. It appears many people would rather keep spreading lies or denying their actions, instead of just saying what they have done.

The quality most people state they look for in others is honesty. I wonder why it is so difficult for people to say what they do, when it is a quality they desire from others?





Maggie’s Thought for the Month: Your Path, Your Destiny

Baby Maggie

I’ve heard the secret to living your destiny is to stop asking other people for directions. Everyone has an answer when helping another find the ‘right’ path in life.

Maggie was a wanderer. She loved to go hiking, and venture off the marked paths. Her tail would wag with delight, while her legs moved swiftly to keep up with a scent she was following. During these detours from the path, I often found the best landscapes to photograph.  Maggie never hesitated to walk the unknown, and she always enjoyed the journey.

Our world seems to be filled with people that follow a traditional path, or those that want to pave their own way. From my experiences, people following the untraditional path get asked a lot more questions. Maybe our world can also be divided by people who fear the unknown, and people who crave the excitement of the unknown. The times in my life when I didn’t know my destination, resulted in the most memorable experiences & life changing opportunities.

Everyone is unique.  Follow your own path. It just may lead to your destiny.

Travels with Sissy: Antiques in Putnam

Putnam storefront

An afternoon drive along Route 44 heading northeast in Connecticut will take you to a town called Putnam; located in the quiet corner of the state.

Putnam was incorporated in 1855 and was a mill town. It was named after Civil War General Israel Putnam. General Putnam was well-known for providing much needed clothes & supplies to the Civil War soldiers. The town was a prosperous community until the devastation that struck in 1955. Hurricane Connie visited Putnam on August 13, 1955 and left 4-6 inches of rain. Then, five days later, Hurricane Diane stayed for two days and provided another 14 inches of rain. The town mills, stores, and railroad were destroyed.

Putnam Atique storePutnam Antique cars

By the end of the twentieth century, a reincarnation of Putnam appeared within the empty storefronts and mills. Antique stores and independent restaurants started to line the streets. People began to view downtown Putnam as a destination for antique seekers and enjoying a good meal with friends, while listening to the music of local musicians.

Antique Pez

As an avid antique shopper, my visit to Putnam did not disappoint. The collection of antiques vary from old military uniforms, toys, jewelry, furniture, and even a few washboards. The store owners are as friendly as talking to your long lost friend, and more than willing to help you find the item on your list- even if it’s in another store.

Putnam Hummel

While having dinner outside and listening to the music, I watched the cars from New York, New Jersey, and Virginia drive into the parking lot. I wondered what it was like after those awful Hurricanes destroyed the town, and what the people of Putnam must have thought. Could they have ever imagined their mill town would one day be a bustling & thriving community?

I guess sometimes we do need a little rain to get us to that rainbow.