It Had To Be You

It Had To Be You   GoodReads
It Had To Be You” started as a personal journey to discover the secret ingredient of what makes a marriage stay together “until death they do part”. I have had the pleasure of interviewing many married couples and asked them about their married life and their opinions of marriage today. The only requirement was that each couple had to be married thirty years or more. During the interview process, most of the couples seemed intrigued as to why I would pursue such a quest. My response: I have attended so many weddings during these past twelve years of my life, and I have only seen a few couples actually succeed and become truly happy with their new life as husband and wife. I began to wonder: Is it society that makes marriage so difficult? Is it due to a generation that places its own needs before others? Maybe it’s just luck! I truly believe that if you ask enough questions, you will find a solution to anything that troubles you- so that is why I started the process of writing “It Had to Be You“.

Linda Massucci traveled across the United States and interviewed sixteen couples who have been married for at least thirty years. Each couple shared their love story and offered advice to newlyweds for an everlasting marriage. Besides the interviews, the book includes pages for the bride and groom to write their love story and parents of the bride and groom to write advice, pages to display photographs and pages for the wedding guests to sign their names. “It Had To Be You” makes a great wedding gift and a family heirloom to record how Grandma and Grandpa met. Although this is Linda Massucci’s first non-fiction book, she continues to write passionately about the importance of family, faith and values . The epilogue for “It Had To Be You” is a must read for any soon to be married couple!


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