Travels with Sissy: Sharpe Hill Vineyard


When someone mentions the word vineyard, most visualize Napa Valley or Sonoma, California. Who knew Connecticut has its own hidden treasure of vineyards, too.


Travel along Route 44 in the quiet Northeast corner of Connecticut, and you will see many signs directing to various vineyards in the state. My travels, one summer day, took me to Sharpe Hill Vineyard in Pomfret. The quiet back road, aligned with stone walls, sets the mood for a relaxing day with good wine, food, & conversation.




The staff at Sharpe Hill Vineyard welcomes you upon entering the front door of the red barn. Patrons can purchase a bottle of wine, and enjoy the scenery while sitting on the patio. Another option is lunch or dinner to be enjoyed at the restaurant.


The restaurant at Sharpe Hill Vineyard is on the second floor of an adjacent building to the main entrance. As you walk up the steep, wooden, spiral staircase- the aroma of food fills the air. The room is small, so reservations are required. The staff carefully explains the choices of appetizers, selection of wines, and how each meal is prepared.


Vineyards offer something for everyone- whether a relaxing day with friends, or a romantic get away. Whatever season you prefer, Sharpe Hill Vineyard has something planned to make their guests feel relaxed, special, and planning a return trip.




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