Travels with Sissy: Christmas in Mystic


During this busy time of year, it’s nice to be reminded of simpler times and the true meaning of the holiday season. If you’re longing for a reminder, visit Mystic Seaport’s Lantern Light Tours.


The Lantern Light Tour is more like a story being told, while you walk to each scene in the movie. This year, the story is ‘The Nut-Cracker Sweets’. Our walk to the ship, P.I. Tchaikovsky, begins the story with Captain Goober describing his delicious goods from far off countries- such as pistachios, walnuts, almonds and pecans. However, our ‘guide’ Marie Stahlbaum who owns the Sweet Shop in town, tells of her family’s very magical nut cracker that is missing. Captain Goober suggests visiting the other merchants and people in town to solve the nut cracker mystery, and insure all the delicious treats will be made in time for Christmas Day.


Our visits to Mrs. Fruitcake’s home, the Shellman Residence, the Dewdrop Inn, and the School House provided light-hearted stories, dancing & laughter to help find the magical nut cracker. It also provided a reminder of how special it was to receive cookies made from that spice from far away- ginger; or the excitement of finding an orange in your stocking.


The end of the tour at Mr. Drosselmeyer’s Workshop, a man who is new to Mystic and visiting from somewhere up north, helps Marie with her problem. He provides her with an exact replica of the magical nutcracker her family received many years ago from a ‘traveler’ passing thru town. He also reminds Marie that the ‘magic’ of the nut cracker is not something within the nut cracker that makes her families sweets so delicious. The magic is from the kindness & love given, while preparing the special gifts to loved ones and friends.

The light from a lantern reminds us of a time when a star provided the same lesson… Love & Kindness is the greatest gift of all.


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