The Greatest Gift


The holiday months are approaching. This means family get togethers, celebrating traditions, and trying to make special memories with loved ones.

When I reflect on my favorite childhood memories, none are of the holidays. I remember the ordinary, every day events as the most special. Memories of my father reading to my sister & me at bedtime, or my mother waiting for us in the kitchen with a snack when we walked home from school. I recall family dinners every night, and sharing the responsibilities of keeping the house clean and doing yard work.

I often hear parents stress about searching for the perfect Christmas gift, or saving for the ‘dream’ family vacation. The price of these ‘must-have’s’ often mean long hours at work or paying someone to do the ‘ordinary daily activities’.

I am often asked if I worry about not having anything to write about. I have a bottomless treasure box of family memories. They were not created once a year, or with the need to go away to a fancy hotel or tropical paradise. My memories were created everyday at home- with loved ones who just wanted to spend time with me.

A child who feels important and valuable; the greatest gift a parent can give.


One thought on “The Greatest Gift

  1. Linda Mc Auliffe October 17, 2016 / 9:59 am

    You make fabulous points that we stressed every day to our children through the years. Life is not a competition or a race– it should be celebrated for the journey it is. When parents accompany their children through the everyday life experiences of meals, yard work, birthdays, movies, scuffed knees, hurt feelings, sweethearts, friendships, challenges, and successes, families are havens for their children, for their lives.


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