How Do You Choose a Friend?

Friendship (2)

I once had a friend tell me there is no reason we should be friends. We are yin & yen: tea cups vs. red Solo cups, moonshine vs. dandelion wine, sensitive vs. straightforward and benevolent vs. vigilant.

When I was a child, the advice I received about choosing friends was this- ‘Your friends are how others will judge your character’. Maybe our friends reveal the qualities we would like to have, afraid to show, or enjoy admiring in someone else. Isn’t that the key element in friendship- liking almost everything about someone, and having compassion for what you just can’t understand? Aren’t the things we can’t understand about someone make them interesting and, at times, amusing? Is there anything better than laughing with a friend because they think you are crazy, and you laugh along because you know they’re right- but they like you anyway?

As an adult, I learned when you surround yourself with people who are different from yourself; you learn something new every day. I’d like to think this is why I choose my friends the way I do. I am fortunate enough to have a wide circle of friends. I often chuckle at the thought of them all in the same room. I guarantee each friend would be asking themselves- ‘Why did she choose her as a friend?’

And so, to my friends who may question why we are friends?  I admire something about you, I want to learn something from you, and I like laughing with you.


Linda Massucci, represented by Hartline Agency, writes family sagas with a constant theme of the importance of family, faith and values. She also dabbles in short stories, educational articles, poetry and photography.

Visit her website for links to her social media pages, published books, and her blogs: Travels with Sissy,  Reflections, and Monthly Thoughts from Maggie (world’s smartest dog).  

Maggie Beach


2 thoughts on “How Do You Choose a Friend?

  1. Cstiewing September 12, 2016 / 7:19 pm

    So happy to call you friend!


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