Maggie’s Thought for the Month: Thank God for Imperfections

Baby Maggie

We live in a world where people crave perfection in themselves and others. Millions of dollars are spent annually on medical procedures to create the perfect body, infomercials that sell a product to create the best you, and therapists to tell us we are okay just the way we are- but here are a few suggestions to help you be happier.

Maggie was not the perfect dog. She wasn’t even the dog I thought I wanted. Maggie was a tri-color,mostly black, mix between a sheltie and a collie. I wanted a pure sheltie tri-color,mostly brown. I wanted a dog that would like to snuggle on the couch. Maggie thought the couch belonged to her. I wanted a dog that would be friendly and play with the other dogs in the neighborhood. Maggie would always bark when another dog came into the yard & was fiercely protective of me.

Whenever I took Maggie to the store or park, people would always comment on her beautiful black hair. She was smarter than the average collie and more protective than the average sheltie. She laid on her side of the couch, or right below on the floor, but awoke the moment I would attempt to leave the room; trailing by my side like a bodyguard. While working in the yard, I never worried about people approaching unexpected, as Maggie gave ample warning before their feet touched the driveway.

Maggie was the best dog, because she was not the perfect dog. It is the imperfections that make me smile when I reflect on memories of her. It is the same reason I smile when I think about family & friends; they are all imperfect human beings. It is their imperfections that make time spent with them fun, uplifting and unforgettable.

In a world that demands perfection, I guess Maggie & I don’t fit in. Phew!


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