If You Like Reality TV, You Should Be Living In A Cave

I recently attended a conference on how the brain works. I learned we gravitate towards events that stimulate our brain to become aware of risky behaviors, distrustful people or the possibility of extinction. We enter a fight or flee mode-used during primitive times to protect ourselves from the enemy. Unfortunately, reality television has brought us back to this primitive time.


If you enjoy the Kardashian’s, Bachelorette, or Survivor- consider yourself a sucker. You have been brainwashed by Hollywood to return to your primitive life-style. People who watch these shows are allowing their brains to connect neurons with experiences that validate it is okay to use others for personal gain, view intimate relationships as something that can be shared with millions of people, or justify that how you win isn’t important- it just matters to win.


I remember a time when television informed us of these primitive behaviors- it was called the news. We were aware that mean people exist, and sometimes bad things happen to good people. However, our entertainment shows reminded us there are more good people in this world than bad, and being good should be everyone’s purpose in life. We laughed at the comedies of Carol Burnette- yet she never had to swear or insult anyone’s lifestyle. We admired the love shown between the actors portraying Charles & Caroline Ingalls and John & Olivia Walton, yet they never made a sex video.  Even MASH showed how people placed in catastrophic environments still tried to maintain civility, and hoped for a greater good to come from a place of tragedy.

Today, I have over two hundred channels to choose from on my television. However, I am finding the majority of the time, there is nothing ‘good’ to watch. I don’t care to see people shoot, insult or have sex with other people. I don’t believe vulgarity or nudity in a film makes it more dramatic or ‘plot effective’-as I heard from one director being interviewed after his film won a Grammy.


I understand that Hollywood is all about the money. After all, they cancelled Cedar Cove, but have no reservations in allowing the next generation of decision-makers to grow up with the Kardashians. I wonder what type of imagery is created when neurons are connecting, while watching selfish people make a lot of money?








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