The Gift of Imagination

The year of 2015 found me attending book signings and interviews to discuss the characters in my book, ‘Legacy of Grandpa’s Grapevine’. The most frequent question, ‘Is this story a memoir or from your imagination?’ After I answered with ‘a little of both’, I always added, ‘and thank goodness I was given the time as a child to just imagine’.

Today’s world finds many children given the best toys, carpooled to lessons for sports, dance or musical instruments, and always kept to a schedule from sunrise to sunset- all with the purpose of given them the best childhood with no regrets. What decides the best childhood? What do our children really need to become adults who are socially and emotionally ready for the world they will inherit?

To read more click on the link below. This complete blog is posted on the Helping Hands Press Blog!


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