Everyone Blooms When They Are Ready

Christmas Cactus

It seems like today’s world has everyone rushing to get somewhere or become someone. We watch the morning news to learn about traffic delays and best alternate routes to get to work as quickly as we can. We ask children that most annoying question-‘what do you want to be when you grow up’, and encourage young adults to start saving for their old age because ‘it comes quicker than you think’.

So far in my life, I have moved to a new residence a total of four times. Every time I moved, I have taken my two Christmas cactus plants with me. Years ago, a friend gave me two tiny clippings of her Christmas cactus and said, ‘they take a while to grow, but once they take root, they will flower’.  After my fourth move, I wondered why I was wasting my time with these plants. They grew some, didn’t look all that pretty, and never once did I see a flower. About six months after my latest move, I was watering the plants and noticed they looked a little stronger. Their green leaves seemed to stand a bit taller and their stems appeared thicker. A year later, around Thanksgiving time, I awoke in the early morning and pulled up the shades in my living room. I turned to the Christmas cactus plants and smiled. Each plant had at least six or seven flowers in full bloom.

I wish we would give everyone the time and patience to bloom when they are ready. Like my Christmas cactus, people cannot be rushed to find their special purpose in this life or hurried to grow and be strong. We all need to enjoy where we are in the present, learn from our life experiences, and take what we need to help us blossom into the person we are meant to be.  Everyone will bloom when they are ready.

Linda Massucci is the author of the Manciano Family Saga. The first story in the trilogy, ‘Legacy of Grandpa’s Grapevine’ is available for purchase and has been entered in the Mark Twain Award for First Novel published by an author. The second story in the trilogy, ‘Mama’s Bookends’, will be released in 2016.

LOGG Book Cover

Linda loves to travel and writes about all the wonders of America on her travel blog: Travels with Sissy. If you know of a destination in America Linda should visit, please let her know. She can be contacted via her website at www.lindamassucci.wordpress.com

Route 66 sign

Baby Maggie

Linda also loves dogs! At the beginning of each month, she writes ‘Maggie’s Thought for the Month’. Each lesson reflects on how her dog Maggie looks at life, and how humans would enjoy life so much more if they did the same. Maggie loves to get likes on her blog, so please be sure to leave one on Facebook via www.facebook.com/lmmassucci or www.twitter.com/@LindaMassucci


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