Maggie’s Thought for the Month: Your Heart Sees Better Than Your Eyes

Baby Maggie

     Have you ever walked into a crowded room, started to talk to someone, and instantly liked them? Have you ever walked into a crowded room, looked at somebody, and just knew something about the person made you feel uncomfortable?

     Maggie was a delight to have in the yard while I was working in my flower garden. I never worried about an unexpected visitor, because she would let me know when someone was coming. If it was a stranger, Maggie would follow the person alongside our picket fence, barking for all the neighbors to hear, and letting this person know it was best if they kept walking. If the person was a friend or family member, Maggie would bark once to let me know we had company, and then run towards the person in anticipation of a treat or belly rub. Sometimes, Maggie responded in this friendly manner with people she was meeting for the first time. It’s as if she instinctively knew who was good and who was bad. I always admired this quality in Maggie, until I realized humans have it, too!

     When I was a child, I often wondered how my parents & grandparents became so smart. They always knew who to trust, and how to react in different situations. My parents often told me the common clichés- ‘Trust Your Gut’ and ‘Listen To Your Heart’.  As I got older, I became more confident to heed this advice. I also made a lot of mistakes which educated my gut and heart along the way! In today’s predominant visual world, I’d like to add this cliché- ‘Your Heart Sees Better Than Your Eyes’.

     Every day, our eyes are bombarded with commercials selling products to make our lives easier, news media constantly showing the evil acts in our world, and people who would rather destroy other’s dreams than omit to their own insecurities. However, every day my heart sees people graciously volunteering their time to help another soul in need, media working with organizations to improve our world for future generations, and a person’s dream becoming reality because someone realized altruism doesn’t mean weakness.

     Our hearts not only see better than our eyes-our hearts see people for who they are, how they will treat someone, and why we should share our heart with them…or maybe just bark & walk away.


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