Travels with Sissy: Is It the Antiques or the Memories?

sewing machine

     What attracts people to antiques? I was asked this question as I was planning an antique shopping  trip in New England. My excitement to find one more lunchbox before the winter season seemed perplexing to my friend.

     Entering an antique shop is similar to the start of reading a mystery book. The reader is aware that something is about to happen, and therefor focuses on every word. The shopper has an idea of what antiques are on their list, but also is cautious to look at all the items; never knowing where a hidden treasure may be found.


     Antiques can evoke memories.  A shelf of old tools can remind one of Grandpa’s workshop, the sound of a sawmill, or a father’s whistle while making home repairs. Our senses can fool us by taking a deep breath and thinking we smell saw dust, or vividly hear the squeaks of an old barn floor.


The most precious find can also bring the most laughter. The discovery of a Pac-Man trash can that once cost three dollars at a local store in 1983, now has a price tag of fifty-five dollars.  Lunch boxes that were tossed away every June, now become the Holy Grail  when found with a matching  thermos! The tool chest that Santa Claus left under the tree, so you could be just like dad…now a collectible. How has time passed so quickly?

pac-man                         tool chest

      Why do people love shopping for antiques? I think there are as many reasons as there are antiques.  Did I find one more lunchbox?  Yes…with a matching thermos, too!


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