Maggie’s Thought for the Month: True Happiness Is Being Thankful for the Little Things

Baby Maggie

   The best thing about dogs are their inability to hide their thankfulness. Maybe humans could learn a lesson from this ‘fault’.

   Maggie was always fed very well. She would have her daily cookie,  afternoon lamb treat, and a special Sunday meal that often included filet mignon. Every treat had her spinning around, licking her lips, or offering a quick doggie kiss! Then, she would run to her special place in the house to enjoy her treat. When eating, Maggie would wag her tail, lick every inch of her bowl, and when done-run towards the stove as if to ask for seconds. Even though the meals were routine, she never stopped showing her thankfulness.

   Maggie’s thankfulness extended beyond her love of food. She showed gratitude with each family visitor, every morning walk when we encountered her dog friends, and every ride in the car to her favorite walking trail. Even though these events were often routine, her level of thankfulness never decreased.

I believe most people are fortunate enough to have a daily routine. As for me, I wake every morning in a comfortable bed, with plenty of blankets to keep me warm. I turn a dial, and heat warms my house or provides hot water for my shower. My kitchen cabinets are well-stocked to provide three nutritious meals every day. I enjoy a plate of cookies with tea every night, as I relax on my couch and watch a movie or television show. I can Skype friends who live thousands of miles away, or drive to a family members house for Sunday dinner. All these things have become so routine in my life, that I never take a moment to be thankful.

   As we enter the holiday season, maybe we should all remember to be thankful for the little things. There are many who would love to have the pleasures of our daily routines, or even things we may view as nuisances- like having a house to clean or a car to service.

It is the thank you we receive from the little things that remind us how much we have to appreciate. It is these little things we miss most when they are gone…like wet dog kisses and puppy eyes looking for seconds by the stove.


2 thoughts on “Maggie’s Thought for the Month: True Happiness Is Being Thankful for the Little Things

  1. Madeline Johnson November 1, 2015 / 8:22 pm

    What a beautiful essay on gratitude for the simple things we can take for granted. We live in a remarkable time and we need to stay grateful for everything we have. Oh and Maggie is adorable, love the photo.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lindamassucci November 1, 2015 / 9:23 pm

      Thank you Madeline. It’s always a pleasure to hear from others who enjoy Maggie’s Thought for the Month 🙂 Hope the month is filled with many reasons for you to be thankful!


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