Maggie’s Thought for the Month: Assess & Redirect

Baby Maggie

All too often we continue our life-course hoping for change, while never changing our direction.  We ask ourself why things aren’t improving, instead of asking ourselves why we aren’t improving.

Maggie was a very observant dog. She was part border collie and part sheltie. I enjoyed watching her guard the yard and our home; especially from the FedEx delivery man.   As a puppy, Maggie barked loudly to pedestrians on their daily walk, as she ran alongside our picket fence. As she got older, Maggie realized the pedestrians came every day, no matter how loud she barked at them. Eventually, Maggie stopped barking when people walked by our front yard. Sometimes, she would just sit on the nearby hill in the yard and watch them. Other times, she would stay on the deck with me and be content to play with her chew toy.

Our lives are filled with opportunity for change. As adults, we have the choice to assess our present circumstances and plan for a different direction. We can find ways to improve ourself, hence improving our surroundings-or maybe even new surroundings. The difference between those who just assess, and those who assess & redirect can be summed up in one word-acceptance. One must accept what is changeable, what is unchangeable and what is unacceptable.

I’ll take assess & redirect any day. It sure is better than barking at something that is never going to change.


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