Travels with Sissy: A Day at the Fair


Ask anyone in New England the best thing about the fall season, and I guarantee the majority of responses will be- attending a town fair. I know there are fairs in the other states of America, but there is something unique about a New England fair.

Carousel (2)

Every fair has the familiar attractions for the children. The rides that spin around with the flashing lights, or the carousel that goes fast enough for a six year old and slow enough for the parent taking a picture at every opportunity. The games to win a stuffed animal or a goldfish in a bowl. The Ferris wheel lit up at night reminds every adult of their first time being stuck at the top, and maybe the person with them who dared to swing the seat!

Fried Dough Booth

A fair would not be complete without food. The healthy choices of fried dough, onion rings, candy apples and soda. Let’s not forget the popcorn with extra butter or the cotton candy. Just the smell from the food aisle will clog your arteries for a week! But the memories made from watching a child enjoy an apple sundae or sharing a plate of loaded nachos with your high school sweetheart- priceless.

Pigs at Fair

The animals, arts & crafts, and town merchant exhibits are what makes a New England fair special. There is a crispness in the air, a bonding among the New Englanders, that can be felt- but hard to express. Maybe it’s a celebration of the harvest, the pride felt from honoring traditions, or just knowing-even in our technology driven world- the simple enjoyment of a day at the fair is still irreplaceable.


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