Maggie’s Thought for the Month: It’s a New Day

Baby Maggie

September should be called the beginning of the new year. Commercials for back-to-school items, advertisements for television shows returning, and coupons for a last minute get-away before the return to work- all remind us that change is ‘in the air’.

Maggie looked at every day as a new day, new year and new beginning. Every morning, she was excited to go for a walk, even though it was the same morning walk. She would sniff every mailbox along the way and pause to watch a squirrel or bird in the tree. Maggie was constantly looking for all the new things the morning walk might bring, and maybe some familiar doggie friends, too!

Maggie consistently showed the same excitement at every meal. As the bowl lowered to her placemat, she would lick her lips in anticipation of the food being served. Playing in the yard meant walking past every shrub and sniffing every toy, just to make sure nothing new was lurking behind an arborvitae.

Maggie patiently waited every evening while her hair was brushed, and then would jump with excitement when she heard the clang of the cookie jar. A cookie was her night-time routine, but her enthusiasm never diminished.

I often wonder how much is missed while completing daily routines. My weekly schedule involves a long commute to work, exercising every afternoon on a walking trail, and writing in the evening at my kitchen table. Maybe I am missing the beautiful scenery of the country hills ,watching children play in the neighborhood, or the sunset over the fields that I can see from my kitchen window.

What if I looked at every day as a new day? Yesterday is gone and it is wasteful to worry about tomorrow. Today….today something exciting may happen…today I may see something I have never seen….today I may meet someone that changes the rest of my life….today I may accomplish something I never thought was possible…today is full of endless possibilities.

Today is a new day!


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