Maggie’s Thought for the Month: Cookies Are a Necessity

Baby Maggie

When was the last time you enjoyed a cookie? As an adult, do you feel guilty when you eat a cookie? Do you remember your favorite cookie as a child? Are cookies a necessity to have in your home?

Maggie loved crème filled vanilla wafer cookies. She would hear the sound of the lid on her cookie jar and run to the kitchen. A cookie meant she had done a good job; whether it was behaving while alone all day in the house, catching a fly, going on a long walk, or taking her medication. Sometimes, she received a cookie just because she was cute! Maggie would take her cookie to a special spot and eat it right away. She always looked like she enjoyed every crumb of her cookie….every time.

In my home, I always have a box of Pepperidge Farm cookies available in case of unexpected guests. The scenario is always the same: First, I offer my guest a hot or cold beverage. Next, as they enjoy their drink, I arrange a plate of cookies and place them on the table. Then, my guest says ‘Oh I really shouldn’t. I am watching my weight.’ Finally, as I select the cookie with the most chocolate, my guests grabs one, bites into it, and says, ‘I haven’t had these since I was a kid.’ And they smile.

Cookies can remind us of our youth.  Memories of our mother, grandmother, or special person making us cookies for a family event or after-school snack.  As a child, there was no better feeling than finding an empty cookie plate on Christmas morning and knowing that Santa Claus enjoyed the cookies you made for him.  Who remembers walking home from school, opening the back door and smelling fresh-baked cookies?

Yes, cookies are a necessity in every home. They help create smiles, conversations and memories. Maggie’s last piece of food was a cookie. She enjoyed every bite.


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