Gardening Reminds Us What Really Matters


Garden Photo

One of my favorite things to do is gardening. I live in New England, so spring means cleaning up & planting, summer is watering & weeding, and fall is pruning & preparing for the winter.

There is something about getting your hands dirty that makes the day fulfilling. The standing back to admire a job completed. Rising in the morning and observing the flowers you planted as bulbs in the fall, come to full bloom in June. Working in the earth, cultivating and knowing something beautiful will eventually appear.

We live in a very fast-paced world. We are often asked by employers to place our own needs in second place- to show our ‘loyalty’ to the  company. Many children have activities scheduled from the time they awake until they say good night. An escape from this craziness needs priority- for the good of our soul.

When I am in my garden, I never look at my watch or think about deadlines at work. Time and office politics don’t seem important. Maybe it’s the smell of the flowers, surroundings of nature, or the feeling of contentment. Recently, one evening, my neighbor walked towards me while I was weeding around the lilies. I never heard him approach until he said hello. I was thinking about when the lilies bloomed it would be summer… and all the beautiful days to enjoy with family & friends at picnics, hikes and barbecues.

Gardening to me isn’t a chore. Gardening reminds me of what really matters and all that is beautiful in this world.

‘There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.’ ~Mirabel Osler


Linda enjoys writing about her travels across America, blogging about her beloved dog Maggie who passed away to young, dabbles in landscape photography, cherishes every opportunity to walk on the beach at sunrise & sunset, and values spending time with family & friends. She enjoys a non-competitive game of golf & hopes to play at Pebble Beach someday. You can follow her blog at, or her other social media sites: twitter handle: @LindaMassucci or at

LOGG Book Cover

Linda Massucci captures the heart of family values in ‘Legacy of Grandpa’s Grapevine’. The flashbacks throughout the story will find the reader laughing and reflecting about their own family memories and adventures as a child. The bond between the main characters, Elizabeth and Grandpa Frank, will have readers wanting to be a part of their special relationship.


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