Maggie’s Thought for the Month: Change Yourself



Baby Maggie

‘If only I had more money. Nothing at work will get better until my co-worker leaves. My family doesn’t think I  can, so why should I.’  Do these excuses sound familiar? We often spend too much time & energy blaming others for our lack of accomplishments.

Maggie came to me as a puppy. Anyone who has had a puppy knows they are a lot of work. She was constant care our first summer together. My schedule revolved around her needs. During her first few years, I adjusted my schedules for work & recreation to be with her. During her last two years, when she became ill, I changed my priorities to be with her & insure her comfort.

Maggie taught me that changing yourself is the only way to make things happen. Your enjoyable moments, greatest accomplishments and peace of mind is only created by your determination to choose what matters most & the commitment to achieve it. Lucky are the ones who stand beside you & cheer you on! Lucky are you for witnessing those who aren’t supportive; they serve as reminders to what fear of change can create in a person.

Trying new things and taking chances are very scary. Lucky for me I had a good teacher. 🙂


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