Maggie’s Thought for the Week: It’s Better to Give Than to Receive

Baby Maggie

During the holiday season, people spend a lot of time & energy trying to find the perfect present or create the perfect day. Many children are hoping for that gift which, in their opinion, will make their life complete.

Maggie never had any money. She couldn’t shop on-line, while I was at work, to purchase a gift. Writing a note to tell me what she wanted for the holidays or her birthday was not an option. Maggie could only give herself.

Wouldn’t the holidays be wonderful if all we had to do was give of our self to one another? We would promise to spend time with family and friends; no one on cell phones, responding to emails, or texting. Every day our family members and friends would express their happiness to see us. We would give compliments thru  verbal praise or acts of kindness.

I believe unconditional love is the best gift one can give another. Maggie gave it every day. Sometimes I wonder why humans are so hesitant to do the same. Isn’t the holiday season a time to remember the importance of love? I remember someone once said,  ‘All the love you give on Earth lifts  you up to Heaven’.

I think Maggie made it to the top cloud 🙂


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