Maggie’s Thought for the Week: Dog’s Tails Never Lie


Baby Maggie

Body language tells a lot about a person. When we are nervous, our bodies may shake, twitch, sway or even start to sweat. Happiness may look like tears streaming down one’s face, uncontrollable belly laughter or even gasping for breath. Now lying….that’s when it gets tricky.

Maggie was a good dog. However, sometimes she did get into a little mischief. She ate my building plans for a log cabin, chewed the wood trim in the hallway and killed a few chipmunks in the yard. Whenever she did these things, she would look at me and wait for my response. If my tone was low while saying her name, she knew something was wrong. Knowing this, her tail would always go between her back legs. Seeing this, I knew she was disappointed & would learn from her mistake. Maggie was a smart dog- she often never made the same mistake twice.

I wish humans were like Maggie. If only we could realize when our actions are disappointing to others or not acceptable- and never do it again. I guess this weakness is why so many people lie. People lie to get out of bad situations, try to make them self look better, or- the complete lowest of lies- to knowingly hurt someone else for the own selfish needs. How can you tell when a person is lying? A liar always gives a clue.

‘The liar’s punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.’ ~George Bernard Shaw


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